Aspinalls top tips for new kitchens!

Aspinalls Builders top tips for new kitchens!

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but have you ever worked out how many hours you spend in your kitchen every day? Even more revealing, how much of that time is spent on unnecessary work caused by poor design?

Here are five simple tips to ensure that you have a kitchen that does the work for you – not the other way around!

  • Focus on true value
  • Eliminate risks
  • Don’t compromise
  • Get professional advice
  • It’s all in the layout

Focus on true value

Smart consumers now realise that the value isn’t merely the benefits gained minus the price paid. It’s the benefits less ALL the conditions you have to meet in order to gain those benefits. Price is only the first condition to be met.

So if you get a bargain-priced new kitchen, but you have to work twice as hard to make it work at all, or it begins to fall apart, where are the real benefits? (Peace of mind will certainly not be one of them.)

The intelligent consumer saves money where it genuinely counts: on the mass-produced components of their kitchen… like appliances, fittings, floor coverings, paint, wallpaper and tiles.

They refuse to compromise on either quality or value-for-money when it comes to the critical design and construction aspects of a new kitchen.

Eliminate unnecessary risk

It makes no sense at all to accept unnecessary risks of any kind. You need to be in control of the creation at every stage, from design to construction and the final kitchen installation.

At Aspinalls we help you achieve this control by providing you with reliable information, constant communication, and a qualified and experienced workforce.

Refuse to compromise on quality

Don’t be fooled by the notion that quality costs more. It’s usually the other way around. Poor quality doesn’t last. You have to work harder to offset the deficiencies as things fall apart and it robs you of any lasting enjoyment.

You end up having to replace or repair things in a very short time. Any savings you gain by cutting quality are false. The old saying “quality remains long after the price is forgotten” is just as true of poor quality at a cut price.

Get the best professional advice

There is a huge amount of advice that can be found on the internet about getting a new kitchen. By spending a little bit of time researching your new kitchen you will become more knowledgeable and the likelihood of unforeseen problems can be reduced. From start to finish there should be no real confusion or any surprises.

There’s a lot more to successful kitchen design than just style. It’s the things you can’t see that make the real difference between delight and despair when it comes to actually living with your new kitchen from day to day.

It’s all in your kitchen layout

When you boil it all down, the ultimate difference between a great kitchen and an ordinary one isn’t the finishes or the styling. It’s the kitchen layout — whether it eases your work load, streamlines your work flow and helps you achieve satisfaction and enjoyment.

Aspinalls Builders Ltd is an experienced family run business. We are London builders who offer a wide range of London building services covering areas such as conversions, extensions, brick work, plastering, painting, decorating, extensions, conversions, kitchens, bathrooms, heating and plumbing.


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