What could your Loft Space Open up for You?

What could your loft space open up for you?

North london builders, loft extension, painting and decoratingA loft conversion can be tailored for many different purposes. While many people just want an extra bedroom and maybe an en-suite, others find it solves very different problems. It’s certainly cheaper than moving home if you need slightly different accommodation options.

Working from home courtesy of a converted loft office

Maybe your boss has agreed that you can work at home. Where else can you find the quiet space you’ll need for an office with desks, files, computer and IT peripherals? A cloakroom would be a good idea too, and a new bathroom is always handy when you have a houseful.

Create an artist’s studio in your loft conversion

For an artist, a bespoke loft conversion can bring a studio into the home. There are many ways with windows and skylights to make the most of the light in your high spot, and the views from the top of your house could be really inspiring.

Extend upwards and create a kids’ playroom

Are your children growing older and noisier? Wouldn’t it be great to have a separate room to store all their toys and be available for them to take their friends and play computer games or make mayhem without interfering with your tidy house? In the evenings it could turn into a favourite quiet place for them to do homework, or sit and read or dream.

An entertainment room in your roof space

If you prefer your living areas downstairs to be free of television, why not put it in your loft conversion and furnish a comfortable space around it? Or you could buy an extra set to keep up there and have no more disagreements about what you’ll be watching tonight! You could even put in a large screen and a small bar to keep the men of the family out of the pub when the football is on.

Loft conversion studio flat

Perhaps your children are already grown and want to be independent but can’t afford their own home yet? What about having a small studio flat above you with a shower room and a little kitchenette? That could also suit a lodger and even make money for you.

Don’t forget that your bespoke loft conversion may be more acceptable to the town planners than a full blown extension and could therefore give you an easier ride. It may not even need planning permission at all; depending on where you live and exactly what you want to do.

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